Getting the most out of your CV

1. It’s all about you

We are living through a ‘look at me culture’ and the job market is no different. In these uniquely challenging times, it is ever more important that you stand out from the crowd. Consider your CV as your personal branding, it is the story people tell about you when you are not in the room.

2. Have a focus

Decide what your key message is going to be and stick with it, this makes it much easier for others to define you. Keep your message and content consistent to who you are, this will enable others to remember you.

3. Be authentic

Be a master of your profession, skillset and industry and build your content to magnify this. Find words that define your ‘personal brand’, words that best describe your personal attributes and qualities that drive your success. Basically, what makes you great at your job whilst also showcasing your personality.

4. Pick and mix

It’s not a one size fits all approach to a CV, you can modify it to each role you apply for. Choose carefully the specific key words and phrases that you use to demonstrate what you do. Don’t start every point with ‘Responsible for’ and avoid the overused clichés such as ‘Think outside the box’, ‘Results driven’, ‘Hard worker’ and the corporate jargon – you get the picture. There are better ways to describe how accomplished you are.

Our top tips

Write a cover letter to reflect your CV
Even in role, keep your CV regularly updated
Professional email address
Keep contact information up to date
Consistent font – Verdana / Arial / Helvetica size 10-12pts
Reverse chronological order (most recent first)
Add a punchy profile
Don’t forget to add Education and Skills
If there are gaps in you CV, write a brief explanation