Advice on testing

During the assessment process, employers may use tests to find out more about you, to establish this psychometric tests are used. Psychometric tests are used to identify a candidate’s aptitudes, personality, or ability. Tests have been established over many years and are often used with specific groups defined by age, prior educational level or type of job. Preparing thoroughly for psychometric tests will make them less stressful and help to improve your scores. We can provide advice on testing. You can find practice tests by following these links.

Aptitude Assessments

Aptitude tests can measure a variety of abilities, depending on the individual role requirements.

Using the right ability test as part of a recruitment process can bring significant return on investment by helping to ensure the right person is chosen for the role.

Personality Questionnaires

Personality Questionnaires can help you to understand your motives, preferences, needs and talents in a work context.

They can also help you to find ways to make better use of your preferred working style in your current job role, or identify future job roles, environments and cultures suited to your style.

Finally they can increase your awareness of how your work style impacts on your experiences at work.

We offer the most valid personality questionnaires and portfolio of aptitude tests with full BPS* accreditation

* British Psychology Society

Our top tips

Be as discerning as possible by using the full range of responses
Be honest
Read the questions carefully
Make full use of available preparation guides and practice assessments
Tackle them when you are alert and free from interruptions
Make sure you have all equipment to hand before starting
Have a watch or clock nearby if the assessment contains a timed component